Textos críticos/ Critical text

Interior Tsunami - Exterior Tsunami

Paulo Celso de Moura Silva

Virgílio Gallery
São Paulo, 2010

Interior Tsunami
It’s like a volcano. Whichever! Water or fire.
The pressure of what is birthing, to express what is lived inside.
Interior Tsunami is the thirst and hunger for the inward-gushing infinite.

Oh human being! How great would it be to quench once and for all this thirst and hunger, in a definite crossing, a final plunge of this life so fragile, yet so full of hope, hope for that final peace, the definitive encounter with Unity, with Transcendence. 

Exterior Tsunami

Cataclysm of nature, transition to renewal, like the Flood in the metaphors of religions. Oh Noah, who believed the words of the Most High and built his ark!

Every human faces the challenge of the tsunamis, either becoming the living dead or pressing ahead in search of one’s destiny, as gifted by the Transcendence, for never giving up on the appeal and achievement of one’s personal myth.  








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